Mani Madhava Chakiar Smaraka Gurukulam was started to preserve Mani style of Kutiyattam , and Kochampilli style of Namgyarkuttu and Mizhavu.
The Gurukulam was started by Mani Madhava Chakiar in 1982. And after his death the institution dedicated to the memory for him.

Mani Madhava Chakiar was a master of Kutiyattam. Because of his scholarly approach Kutiyattam became more and more attractive and get appreciation from allover the world. He was the first actor who performed Kutiyattam all over India. He was the first Kutiyattam performer who bagged all the National reputations including Padmasree and Thulasi Samman. The first foreign student Christopher Brisky was the disciple of Madhava Chakiar.



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